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Cocss Dog&Cat Grooming Kit Quiet Pet Vacuum Groomer

Cocss Dog&Cat Grooming Kit Quiet Pet Vacuum Groomer

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【Vacuum Suction 99% Pet Hair】Cocss pet grooming kit with super quiet vacuum function can collects 99% of pet fur while trimming, grooming and deshedding. Nozzle head and cleaning brush can be used for collecting hair on sofa, gap, carpet and floor. Keep your home and furniture away from messy pet hair.
【3 suction modes & Low noise】The highest noise level of our products is below 55db,it would be not scare your pet when using it.Our product has 3 adjustable suction modes,you can choose according to your needs.
【5 in 1 pet grooming kit】We provide 5 tools to help you better use your pet vacuum cleaner.Dog grooming brush and de-shedding brush are used to remove loose pet hair;crevice tool and cleaning brush can help you clean the hard-to-reach areas, corners and your cloth;electric clipper includes 4 size combs(3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm) for trimming different lengths of hair.Our dog hair vacuum designed to easily to clean your home,make your home cleaner than before.
【1.5L Max Dust Cup& Storage Bag】The professional pet grooming tools is equipped with a 1.5L dust cup. The 30% larger capacity lets you clean the dust cup less often while trimming for greater efficiency. Empty the dust cup without hand touch.
【After-sales Service】Cocss offers a 12-month warranty and life-time technical support for every pet grooming kit&vacuum. If you have any questions or concerns while using, please contact us via email( Cocss customer service centre will reply within 24hrs.
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Intelligent Living for Your Furry Companions

Experience a new level of intelligent living for your beloved pets with our cutting-edge pet grooming tools and smart pet hair vacuums, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

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Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance as you bid farewell to pet hair troubles with our premium pet hair removal solutions.

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Pamper your beloved pet and elevate the bond you share with our luxurious pet grooming accessories and high-quality pet hair removers.

Fur-Free Future, One Swipe at a Time

Our pet hair vacuum cleaners and grooming kits are revolutionizing the way you deal with pet hair, making your home a fur-free paradise effortlessly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Firat Ozgenel
Great product

We have a domestic longhair and was thinking getting her groomed for a while. I was anxious that the grooming will leave her traumatized if we go somewhere professional as she doesn’t handle traveling well. With this product I shortened her hair very quickly and without any hassle. It is quiet so it didn’t scare her. Overall great product

ashley b
This is a godsend

This product is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Ever. I have a German Shepard who HATES, I mean HATES to be brushed..but will lay down for as long as I need him to if I have the cocss out. I also have a black lab that sheds like crazy. Having this has helped it not look like we live in a barn. I have even purchased two for other people because I was so impressed.

Maybe not the best cut but easy to use clippers!

This is a great buy for my puddle of pups! I have 4 Maltese, Poodle, and Shihtzu mixes that I spent $179 to take to the groomer. Though I have to take breaks for the pups sake and my own while clipping, this thing works great to clip the long hair. I empty about 4-5 times on the adult dogs and 4 times on the pup. I recommend if you a DIYer!

A must-have for your cat or dog!

I am still very happy with this product. I was impressed right away with the sturdiness and design of the Cocss, and I found it very easy to use. I have 3 dogs and one cat - lots of fur, as you can imagine! We use the Cocss about once or every-other week, to control the shedding and avoid the accumulation of fur in the house. It didn't take long at all for the dogs to get used to it, and our cat was not distressed by the sound - the noise is not loud. He enjoys the brushing and the grooming experience as much as the dogs.
All of the accessories that come with the Cocss are just right - I use all of them, including the trimmer for my Mini American Shepherd. Very easy to use!
Grooming is a way to bond with your pet, and Cocss is a great way to do so while cleaning up - all at the same time, which is amazing if you think about it!
I definitely would recommend this product to anyone with a dog or cat.

Perfect for Pyrenees!

Previously bought Wahl shearer and scissors, wish I had purchased this instead! We have a Pyrenees, long, thick, matted hair with lots of shed. Try to keep him trimmed close in the hot summers. The shearer on this made for a quick and easy trim, clipped close and after 4 - 5 canisters full of hair he feels pounds lighter and much cooler (and no corralling all the loose hair!). Even on high, the sound of the vac did not bother him. One trim and the vacuum has paid for itself. I usually have him trimmed twice in summer (normally have to book 2 months out). Now I can give him the once over every other week till the temps start to cool. My Oskar is happy happy! And, it works great on husbands too!🤣🤣